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Supporting local today for tomorrow

With Minnesotans Unite, our goal is to connect small businesses and the community in one simple way.

We started Minnesotans Unite because we believe it’s a time for businesses to band together and support one another—and we also wanted to create an easier way for community members to show their love and continued loyalty to their favorite local brick and mortar shops and artists.

BIPOC Small Business Directory

Celebrating diverse voices makes for a vibrant and welcoming community. The BIPOC Small Business Directory is a curated resource to showcase BIPOC businesses across Minnesota in an easy, engaging way.

Our guide makes it easy to search for BIPOC-owned brick and mortar retail shops as well as culinary businesses - see below. 

This list has been compiled thanks to resources shared by: MSP Magazine, Kare 11, Yelp Twin Cities, the Black Directory, Minneapolis Craft Market,  @lauren_hugh, @foodandforkmn, @katierobisonblogs, and @brilewerke.

Coming soon - search by neighborhood (sign up to be notified when released)!

Participating retail businesses


Participating ecommerce businesses

When you buy from a business on Minnesotans Unite, you're supporting a neighborhood business not only for today but for tomorrow.


Email to be added to our network of local businesses or if you'd like to connect with our team.